Meet the Doctor


Dr. Ronald A. Ramsay

Following his general dentistry undergraduate training in Britain, for which he was awarded a medal for excellence in clinical dentistry, Dr. Ronald Ramsay completed two years of post-graduate specialty training in orthodontics at the Eastman Dental Center in the USA, where he returns regularly for continuing education courses. Dr. Ramsay has over 20 years of experience in the practice of orthodontics, both in Barbados and Trinidad, and presently provides this service for patients residing in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. He is married with three children, is a keen Rotarian and enjoys reading, swimming and traveling.

Dr. Ramsay is a member of the Caribbean Society of Orthodontists, the American Association of Orthodontists and the World Federation of Orthodontists.

Have you ever wondered how The Renfroe Professional Centre got its name?

Well it was named after Dr. Earl W. Renfroe, Professor Emeritus and Brigadier General (1907-2000), who was a pioneer and legend in the field of orthodontics. Not only this, but he was a mentor to our very own Dr. Ronald Ramsay. Dr. Renfroe, who was acknowledged for many years to be the best hands-on clinical orthodontic instructor in the world, was also renowned for breaking racial barriers by becoming the first African American orthodontist to open a practice in the Chicago area and the first African American in Illinois to be licensed as a commercial aviator. He also put an end to the practice of students being allowed to provide dental care only for patients of their own race.

Dr. Renfroe lectured extensively worldwide and, being married to a Barbadian, considered Barbados his second home. We at Renfroe Orthodontics strive to emulate our icon in every way.