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Stay Out... If You Are A Completely, 100% Irreversibly, Incomprehensibly, Don’t-Make-Me-Laugh, Serious Person.

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Meet Dr. R

Dr. R has been around since Adam was a lad. He knew Professor Earl Renfroe (the first off-white orthodontist on the planet – through his Bajan wife) who knew Dr. Alan Brodie, who knew and was mentored by Dr. Edward Angle (the father of orthodontics) who knew God (and sometimes thought he was). Beat that! Dinosaurs know things that monkeys never will! Combine all that with “the latest” and what do you get? - “The Greatest”!!

BREAKING NEWS: Dr. R has recently been nominated for the Nobel Prize for Humility.



Hiding behind a smiling mask just down the corridor, with her notorious pit bull under the desk! Meet Office Manager and senior extortionist Rhonda, Computer Icon and Photographer Royal.




Ensconced in sartorial splendour and far from the madding crowd in her second floor resort, find Treatment Coordinator and patient educator extraordinaire Princess Maria (alias ...Tracy) who gives a respectable face to our otherwise nefarious activities.



Lab tech William, the Wonderful Wizard of Was, endlessly contemplates the profundities of plaster teeth and retainers in his own private hermitage. Keep Out! Smiles only on weekends.



Chairside Assistant No2 plus one is Sunny Shenise, recently descended from above, carrying her famous oil for trouble waters.



Chairside assistant number one, Denise, is Choral Director of our internationally renowned Debond Song (reserved for if and when you ever get your braces off or ‘debonded’).



Chairside assistant number two, Drama Queen Cherette is the keyless, tuneless, hapless, clueless but enthusiastic lead vocalist of said choir. Notorious for suddenly breaking into what is called 'song' while twisting wires.

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In close proximity to the Wizard sits US trained records technician, Junior Extortionist Avonda, internationally acclaimed cabaret dancer and high five exponent.



Last and by all means least, meet our ex-slave-driver-turned-clinic-supervisor: the flouncy, bouncy rabble-rouser and opposition leader, none other than the popular, loveable, know-it-all, do-it-all, ‘I’m from St. Philip – so what!!!' maverick, EUNICE.


Renfroe’s Front Desk Freshman (woman) of the year.  Bubbling and giggling behind her flexiglass Covid 20 Screen.  Matilda is already competing with Exceptional Eunice for “Rowdiest Renfroe Rowdie’ status.


Diligent, no-nonsence, I-can-do- this protégé of William the ‘Wonderful Wizard of Was,…..

          working from dawn till dusk

          just to earn a crust

          while leaving Eunice in the dust

Renfroe Orthodontics

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