Retainers & Appliances


Dr. Ramsay has almost completely eliminated the need for traditional, removable retainers, and has instead introduced fixed/bonded retainers in most cases. No longer will you lose your retainer – because it doesn’t come out! And you don’t even see it!


A little secret …years ago, expansion of dental arches which were NOT too narrow was shown, by embarrassing experience, to fail and collapse in the long run. Anatomy and biology have not changed recently, so we still do NOT expand arches which are not too narrow. Don’ tell anybody!

New Advances

Temporary Tiny Bone Implants (Like ear studs)

(Like ear studs) are now being used in certain cases to improve control and to make the impossible possible – it’s painless and it takes 2 minutes!

Soft Tissue Laser

Melts away troublesome, excess gum tissue quickly, easily and painlessly with no bleeding!